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Training for New Employees and Positions

Training for newly hired or promoted employees in Public Safety titles includes incident coding and entry, telephone operation and answering skills, special answering equipment for ADA compliance, computer aided dispatch (CAD) system operation, emergency medical dispatch (EMD) procedures, 9-1-1 Center policy and procedures, the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), the Indiana Data and Communications Systems (IDACS), leadership and supervisory skills, Delaware County geography, training regarding the procedures of agencies served by the 9-1-1 Center, and training on various other topics. In addition, the Department of Emergency Communication has every new employee complete manditory "ride alongs" with various agencies.  At the conclusion of the classroom portion of their training new hires have extensive on-the-job training with individual experienced communication training officers (CTO).

In-Service Training

In-service training is provided to employees on a regular basis on a variety of topics such as the Indiana Data and Communication Systems (IDACS) re-certifications, Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) procedure updates, and revisions to emergency responses.  The Training Division also provides refresher training to employees returning to work after an extended absence.  In addition, the Training Division provides remedial training on an as needed basis to employees with deficiencies in specific areas.