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Kyle Johnson
Kyle Johnson,
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GIS Data

Use of GIS data for private, non-governmental use is restricted by local ordinance, and is subject to fees. These fees are waived if the data is being requested by another government agency, or by a private company providing services to another government agency, and is subject to the terms of the license agreement (data cannot be re-sold).

 Delaware County uses ESRI-based GIS technology to store, maintain and distribute County GIS data. We have hundreds of map layers that are in various levels of maintenance. Data is available for purchase (see data order form) at a rate of $0.03/acre/layer. We are currently re-evaluating this pricing scheme in order to provide a more reasonable product at prices comparable to other local government GIS Data. Data can be delivered in various formats. Conversion to formats outside of native ESRI-based files (such as CAD) may require longer processing times.