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About GIS

How is GIS used in Delaware County?

This schematic shows how GIS is distributed and maintained throughout local government and how it is made 
available to the public and private sector.

The Delaware-Muncie Metropolitan Plan Commission is one of the largest consumers of GIS services in Delaware County, and work very closely with the GIS Office. Several DMMPC staff members are highly skilled GIS users and create and maintain key GIS data for uses such as master planning, zoning, addressing, transportation, and other project-specific uses. GIS maps and data are used in every Board of Zoning Appeal case, as well as many Plan Commission Board meetings.

Community Projects and Organizations
The GIS Office provides GIS and technical support for various community projects, non-profit organizations, and community groups. Recent projects include: September 13th, 2008 White River clean-up map, United Way Senior study project asset maps, CEP project basemap, and White River Watershed Project cost-share project assistance.
Local Government Decision-Making
The GIS office provides maps and data to elected officials, boards and commissions in order to better understand the issues and circumstances involved in making important decisions for their constituents. Maps and GIS analysis help provide a better common operating picture, reduce confusion and mis-information and help improve the efficiency of the decision-making process.

Land Records
The GIS Cadastral database contains information related to land records in Delaware County. Many offices, including the Assessor, Auditor, Engineer, Plan Commission, and Surveyor use this information on a daily basis. In the private sector, Realtors, title companies, private land surveyors, and the public can access this information though the InterMap online GIS service.

Economic Development
The Delaware County GIS Office supports the Delaware-Muncie Economic Development Alliance with many GIS services related to helping promote the City of Muncie and Delaware County to bring in new businesses and investments.  The GIS office also provides general informational maps for the Economic Development website showing the county's location in relation to regional economic markets, proximity to higher education institutions, and local transportation systems.

Community Development
The GIS dept provides technical assistance to the Muncie Community Development Office. GIS data highlighting project areas, vacant and abandoned buildings, and historical preservation areas are just a few of the maps and datasets that are compiled.
Emergency Management/Public Safety
The GIS System has come to play a key role in Delaware County public safety. The Joint City-County 911 Dispatch has a dedicated screen at each dispatch station that automatically displays the location of every 911 call and allows the dispatcher to give detailed information about the area around the call. This has been essential in locating lost persons, routing emergency services to rural areas, assisting SWAT operations, and identifying adjacent hazards to large incidents like fires.
The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is located adjacent to the dispatch center. The GIS Coordinator serves as EOC Operations Coordinator during disasters, training, and other emergencies. The EOC is fully GIS-enabled, and is capable of displaying multiple maps, video feeds, and informational boards from the WebEOC incident management system, which is administrated by the GIS Coordinator.

Emergency Management-related GIS data is also created and maintained by the GIS Office. Data such as Extremely Hazardous Substance (EHS) locations are kept up to date in order to have an idea of where potential hazards lie within our community. Other data like community disaster shelters, critical infrastructure, and areas prone to natural disasters and maintained for planning purposes.


Property Assessment
Aerial imagery plays a key role in making sure assessment for property taxing purposes is fair and accurate. Delaware County obtained new "oblique" aerial imagery in 2007, allowing 45-degree views of the community.

Bicycling Advocacy


The GIS Dept along with the Delaware-Muncie Metro Plan Commission support bicycling as an alternative form of transportation and are working to promote and build the infrastructure necessary to make Muncie and Delaware County a Bike-friendly community.
Try biking to work, it's not as hard as you think!