Delaware County, Indiana

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GIS Data List
The Delaware County Geographic Information System contains an enormous amount of information. Listed below are the most common and requested data layers. There are many more project and location-specific data sets that are available. Contact us with your specific project and data needs and we can determine if we have information that fits your requirements.

Much of our data is available through the web on the Beacon site as well as project-specific maps at

Use of GIS data for private, non-governmental use is restricted by local ordinance, and is subject to fees. Delaware County uses ESRI-based GIS technology to store, maintain and distribute County GIS data. We have hundreds of map layers that are in various levels of maintenance. Data is available for purchase (see data order form) at a rate of $0.03/acre/layer. We are currently re-evaluating this pricing scheme in order to provide a more reasonable product at prices comparable to other local government GIS Data. Data can be delivered in various formats. Conversion to formats outside of native ESRI-based files (such as CAD) may require longer processing times.

Other sources of GIS data
There is a wealth of State-wide GIS data available for download from the Indianamap, including detailed local streets, addresses and parcels of counties participating in the IGIC/IDHS data sharing initiative. The Indianamap also provides an online interactive map that allows users to view an enormous amount of mapping data, right from your browser. 


Delaware County GIS Data
All data is in State Plane East (feet) projection

Aerial Imagery

2013 color orthophotography 4" resolution
2010 color orthophotography 6" resolution
2008 color orthophotography 6" resolution

2007 National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) 2 meter imagery 
2005 color orthophotography 12" resolution (IndianaMap framework data)
2005 color infrared imagery 1 meter resolution
2003 color orthophotography 6" resolution
1999 black and white aerial orthophotography 6" and 4" resolution (county-wide)
1996 black and white aerial orthophotography 4" resolution (Greater Muncie Area)
1988 Black and white (scanned & georeferenced) 1-meter resolution imagery

Note: PDF scans of 1961, 1967 and 1979 aerial photos (mylars) are retrievable through the Historic Maps and Documents viewer at
Oblique Imagery*:
2013 Oblique Imagery county-wide
2010 Oblique Imagery county-wide
2008 Oblique Imagery, populated areas
2007 Oblique Imagery county-wide

*Oblique imagery is only available for use within the government network, hard copy prints or digital exports can be created and re subject printing costs.
Elevation data

2008 Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
2008 Digital Surface Model (DSM)
2008 LiDAR raw data (.LAS tiles)
2008 2ft Contours, spot elevations
1999 2ft contours (greater Muncie area)

Commonly requested data:

Traffic Accidents (dmmpc)
Address Points
Building Footprints
BSU Campus Trees
Cell Towers
2010 Census
Corporate Limits
County Boundary
Edge of Pavement, Driveways
EMS stations
Fire Districts
Fire Hydrants (MFD)
Fire Stations
Flood Hazard Areas (FEMA DFIRM)
GAP land use data
Geocoded Streets (address ranges)
Green space
Greenways (trails)
High-tension electric lines
Hydrology (streams, rivers, ditches)
Impervious surfaces
Land Use (parcel, by state use code)
Major Roads
Plat Map Sheet indexes, links to PDF scans
MITS shelters
Mobile home parks
Delaware County-Muncie TIF districts
Muncie Annex Historical Boundaries
Muncie Street and Park Trees
Muncie Parks
Orthophoto Aerial index
Parcels (cadastral lines, annotation and parcel poly)
Parking Lots
Pavement edge
Points of Interest (under development)
Political Townships
Prairie Creek Horse Trails
Property Pins
School Districts
School Locations
Land Sections, Section Corner w/tie sheets
Subdivision locations
Traffic Counts (DMMPC, Points and line segments)
Utility poles (incomplete)
Water bodies
Watershed boundaries (USGS down to 14-digit HUC)
Way finding signage
Well locations (general)
Wellhead protection areas
Wetlands (National Wetland Inventory)
Zip codes