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There are so many options for being involved in your community. No man or woman is an island. People and societies co-depend on each other for survival. We can bridge the expanding gap between communities and societies through volunteering. Volunteering is ultimately about helping others taking part in impacting people's welfare. The Delaware County Emergency Management Agency provides an outlet for those humanitarian efforts. You can help your family, friends, and neighbors in times of disaster small and large by joining our Professional Volunteers.

Watching those around you can allow you to identify leadership qualities that you most appreciate and can develop in yourself. Volunteer groups are often groups of peers that respond more to leadership than management. Opportunities are available to lead by persuasion, show innovation, and share your ideas and values. Volunteer settings allow you to learn strategic thinking and conflict resolution skills. You will learn about your community, about trends and concerns, about people and about resources--all of which can help you develop your leadership potential.

Join an elite group of individuals who provide special skills and resources that makes our community a safer place to live. Inspiration through professionalism.

Do you have a 4X4 vehicle and would like to assist the community during inclement weather?

Lean more by the links below, fill out a volunteer application at the action center or contact the Delaware County Emergency Management Agency

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District 6 Task Force

The September 11th attacks, Hurricane Katrina and the Indian Ocean tsunami have demonstrated the need for effective planning and coordinated emergency responses to large scale disasters. These events also showed that disasters have no boundaries and can have an impact over an entire region.

This is true not only of global or national disasters, but also local emergencies as well. In Indiana, natural disasters like tornadoes, floods and winter storms can impact dozens of counties in a single event. For example, during the severe weather and flooding of June 2008, over half the counties in the State of Indiana were affected. The response to this large-scale incident required a massive mutual aid response and the activation of state and federal resources.

In the event of a disaster that affects multiple counties and jurisdictions, coordinating an effective emergency response will be both critically important and incredibly difficult. It will be necessary for multiple agencies, departments and governmental entities to put forth a coordinated effort to save lives and meet the immediate needs of their communities. To assist local emergency responders and government officials, as well as improve overall coordination, the State of Indiana has developed the District Planning Council (DPC) and District Task Force (DTF) Programs.

Collaboration is the key element in Indiana's Strategy for Homeland Security. To encourage regional cooperation and teamwork, Indiana has been divided into ten Homeland Security Districts. The District Planning Council and District Task Force programs were developed to assist each of Indiana's ten Homeland Security Districts in planning, organizing and managing critical emergency response activities on a regional basis. These programs bring together multiple jurisdictions, disciplines and agencies into a formal organizational structure to focus on common strategic goals and objectives.

Delaware County participates heavily with the District Response Task Force in District 6. Delaware County is the home base of operations for the Medical, Law Enforcement, and Service & Support elements. Delaware County Emergency Management leads the Service & Support Element and members of the Special response Team are automatically registered to the District Response Task Force Service & Support Element.