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There are so many options for being involved in your community. No man or woman is an island. People and societies co-depend on each other for survival. We can bridge the expanding gap between communities and societies through volunteering. Volunteering is ultimately about helping others taking part in impacting people's welfare. The Delaware County Emergency Management Agency provides an outlet for those humanitarian efforts. You can help your family, friends, and neighbors in times of disaster small and large by joining our Professional Volunteers.

Watching those around you can allow you to identify leadership qualities that you most appreciate and can develop in yourself. Volunteer groups are often groups of peers that respond more to leadership than management. Opportunities are available to lead by persuasion, show innovation, and share your ideas and values. Volunteer settings allow you to learn strategic thinking and conflict resolution skills. You will learn about your community, about trends and concerns, about people and about resources--all of which can help you develop your leadership potential.

Join an elite group of individuals who provide special skills and resources that makes our community a safer place to live. Inspiration through professionalism.

Fill out a volunteer application at the action center or contact us at 765-747-7719