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Emergency Travel Advisory Q & A

Visit Indiana Department of Homeland Security County Travel Status Map for Real Time Notification of the County Emergency Travel Advisory


travel advisory graphic

Advisory (Yellow)

Routine travel or activities may be restricted
in areas because of a hazardous situation.
Citizens should use caution or avoid these
areas. Schools and businesses may begin to
implement their emergency action plans.

Watch (Orange)

Conditions are threatening to the safety of the
public. Only essential travel is recommended
(i.e., to and from work, emergency situations,
etc.). Emergency action plans have been or
should now be implemented by businesses,
schools, government agencies and other

Warning (RED)

Travel may be restricted to emergency

personnel only. Citizens are directed to

refrain from all travel, comply with necessary

emergency measures, cooperate with public

officials and disaster services forces in

executing emergency operations plans, and

comply with the directions of properly

identified officers. Further and more specific

restrictions may be included in the disaster


Q: What does the Emergency Proclamation say about travel?

A: Due to the above conditions all citizens are advised to stay off the roads unless driving to work or have an emergency which requires them to be on the roads. Any Vehicle blocking or stranded on an unincorporated road will be removed from the road as deemed necessary by the snow removal crews or emergency personnel. Delaware County will not be liable for damages or expenses associated with removal of vehicles.

Q: Can the City or County restrict traveling on the roads completely?

A: Yes, while very rare and under extreme conditions, the County Commissioner and the Mayor have the right to close the roads completely. This information will be added to any Emergency Proclamation signed by the City or the County and traffic enforcement will be the responsibility of the police. You are further restricted from all travel if the situation calls for a total restriction as documented in the Emergency Proclamation.

Q. What can happen if I go out on the roads?

A. If you become stuck during a declared emergency and you block any emergency vehicle you may be pushed out of the way by any means necessary. Any damage to your vehicle or that is the direct result of
your vehicle obstructing an emergency vehicle you will be billed for the damage.


Q. Will I get a ticket if I go out?

A. The short answer is maybe! Although, Government Officials may impose fines on anyone who creates a travel problem (becoming stuck, blocking the roadway, abandoning a vehicle) and the police will ticket any motorist who created a hazard or breaks the law. If the situation was bad all roadway travel may be totally restricted.


Q. What if I have to go to work?

A. Many employers must stay open (Hospital, Nursing Homes, Veterinarians). Please check with your employer to see if you have a policy for emergency travel or necessary staff . You will not be stopped if you are on the roadway. But, travel with great caution. If you get stuck and become a traffic hazard you will be responsible for any damages or expenses associated with the removal of your vehicle.


Q. Do I have to go to work during if an emergency is declared?

A. This is a question to ask your employer. Although our recommendation is to always use caution, only your employer can impose a work stoppage and allow you to not to report to work.  Any business closure is at the discretion of the business owner.


Q. How do I get proof of the snow emergency?

A. Visit the link to the Travel Status Map and print off the PDF file for proof of Delaware County's status.


Q. What is a winter weather watch? warning? advisory?

A. NOAA's National Weather Service issues Winter Storm Outlooks when forecasters believe there is a good chance of a major winter storm. A Winter Storm Watch is issued to alert the public to the possibility of a blizzard, heavy snow, heavy freezing rain or heavy sleet. Winter Storm Warnings are issued when a hazardous winter weather event is imminent or occurring, and is considered a threat to life and property. Finally, a Winter Weather Advisory is issued for accumulations of snow, freezing rain, freezing drizzle and sleet that will cause significant inconveniences and, if caution is not exercised, could lead to life-threatening situations.


The importance of the Travel Advisory System is to help the public get a picture of what our community is dealing with . You must realize that each situation is different and that if you go out to see how bad it is you may become part of the problem. Please watch the local media outlets as well as the social networking sites for updates. Follow Emergency Management on facebook and Twitter as well as the local Government websites.