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Eric Hoffman,
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Delaware County Prosecutor's Office

Eric Hoffman

Eric M. Hoffman
Prosecuting Attorney
46th Judicial Circuit of Indiana
Delaware County

Welcome to the Delaware County Prosecutor's office where you will find information about the office and staff and the many public services we provide.
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Mission Statement

The Prosecuting Attorney is the chief law enforcement official in Delaware County.  It is the mission of the Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office to pursue justice within the bounds of the law by holding criminals accountable for their actions and to protect and preserve the rights of victims of crime.  The Prosecutor serves the public interest and should act with integrity and balanced judgment to promote greater public safety by vigorously prosecuting those who commit violent crime, child abuse, exploitation and neglect, drug dealing, firearms offenses, as well as repeat and habitual offenders without regard to race, religion, gender, political affiliation, or socio-economic status.  The Prosecutor’s Office strives to maintain the highest level of integrity, ethics, and professionalism while treating all those that come into contact with the criminal justice system with dignity and respect. 

Vision Statement

Experienced Prosecutors know that pursuing justice means more than obtaining convictions.  Prosecutors are responsible for thorough and thoughtful investigations, making accurate charging decisions, and aggressively and ethically litigating cases, safeguarding defendant's rights, and advocating for appropriate sentences that hold offenders accountable and keep communities safe. 



The Prosecutor is a minister of justice, a zealous advocate, and an officer of the court.  It is the Prosecutor’s obligation to convict the guilty, protect the innocent, consider the interests of victims and witnesses, and respect the constitutional and legal rights of all persons.  The Prosecutor should exercise sound discretion and independent judgment in the performance of the prosecution function.  Perhaps, the greatest responsibility of the Prosecuting Attorney is to determine whether sufficient evidence exists to formally charge a person with a criminal offense. 

The Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney is statutorily charged with the responsibility of representing the State of Indiana in all felony and misdemeanor criminal prosecutions, resulting from crimes committed within Delaware County Indiana. In addition, the Prosecuting Attorney convenes and supervises Grand Jury proceedings, prosecutes traffic and other infraction violations of State law, conducts juvenile delinquency prosecutions, and represents the State in adult protective services cases.

As the chief law enforcement official in the county, the Prosecutor assumes a leadership role in the criminal justice system by educating and informing the public, including victims of crime, about the functions of the justice system and the rights of all citizens through speaking engagements and community involvement.  Additionally, the Prosecutor shall provide local law enforcement with education and training and coordinate regional law enforcement resources with the goal of facilitating cooperation and collaboration.

The Child Support Division is required by Federal law to pursue child support cases for AFDC/TANF or Medicaid recipients. All parents, whether they are receiving these public benefits or not, are eligible to receive services through our office. Services provided include: establishing paternity, establishing and enforcing support orders, establishing and enforcing medical support orders, locating absent parents, review and modification of support orders and collecting current and past due child support.