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01/08/2021 pdf Commissioners Statement on Events at the Capitol Building 83 426 KB Details icon
01/08/2021 unknown COVID-19 Vaccination Information 20   Details icon
12/28/2020 unknown Health Department: NYE Gatherings & Parties, Guidance Based on Governor Holcomb's Executive Order 20-50 495   Details icon
12/17/2020 pdf Delaware County Clerk Rick Spangler, Press Release Regarding Ballot Investigations 120 454 KB Details icon
12/11/2020 unknown COVID-19 Messages From our Health and Community Leaders on YouTube 24   Details icon
12/08/2020 pdf Disaster Declaration 2020-20 169 1,799 KB Details icon
11/16/2020 pdf Joint Commissioner and DCHD Press Release re: COVID-19 Disaster Declarations and Associated Restrictions 340 1,401 KB Details icon
11/16/2020 pdf Disaster Declaration 2020-19 167 1,783 KB Details icon
10/28/2020 pdf Commissioner's Press Release Regarding Masks at polling locations, including guidance from the Indiana Election Commission 350 1,619 KB Details icon
10/14/2020 pdf Commissioner Press Release Oct 14th, 2020 125 499 KB Details icon
10/13/2020 unknown Important COVID-19 message from DCHD - Board of Health and the County Commissioners 64   Details icon
08/22/2020 unknown Fill out the Census - It determines the next 10 years of funding for our communities. 422   Details icon
08/17/2020 unknown Closed machine shop in the town of Albany has been purchased by an Illinois company to relocate it's headquarters. 75   Details icon
08/03/2020 pdf New Use For Rail Spur in Delaware County 253 2,292 KB Details icon
07/31/2020 pdf DCHD Guidance on Guidance and Events exceeding 250 attendees 136 212 KB Details icon
07/23/2020 unknown Sheriff's Statement on Mask Mandate 495   Details icon
07/22/2020 unknown Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb announced that face masks would be mandatory throughout the state during a press conference Wednesday. 406   Details icon
07/10/2020 unknown Delaware County look up 239   Details icon
05/29/2020 unknown INOX Market Service announces plans to locate in Delaware County 140   Details icon
05/29/2020 unknown Greenhouse producers to invest in Daleville, Indiana 124   Details icon
05/06/2020 unknown Delaware County Coronavirus Information Hub 704   Details icon
Documents 1-22 of 22