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From the Delaware County Health Department 
Originally shared via facebook from DCHD page
12/28/2020 12:03pm

With New Year's Eve approaching, we've received a lot of questions from the public and local businesses about what is allowed under Governor Holcomb's EO 20-50 when it comes to New Year's Eve celebrations and local bars and restaurants.

There are a number of aspects of EO 20-50 that come into play:
EO 20-50 allows bars and restaurants to operate as a normal bar/restaurant without a percentage limit on capacity, however individuals/groups/households must be seated to ensure 6 ft of spacing minimum, and/or use of physical barriers; and all patrons must remain seated at all times while consuming food or drink or "otherwise remaining on the premises". These rules DO create capacity limits, often times more restrictive that limiting by percentage.

The hosting of a New Year's Eve party, and/or hosting of a band, or other form of entertainment, transitions the bar or restaurant from a bar or restaurant to an event/social gathering as well. At that point, an additional level of restriction is added. For a county classified as Orange (as Delaware County currently is) a maximum limit of 50 people in attendance is implemented. This includes all people present, including staff and patrons; and mask use and distancing is required at all times.

Due to these restrictions (50 people max, patrons must remain seated, social distancing requirements at all times, etc) each standing in the way of different aspects of typical New Year's Eve entertainment (as well as the primary goal of limiting spread of the virus through limiting gatherings and opportunities for transmission) the Delaware County Health Officer has determined that bands, karaoke, and other entertainment will NOT be permitted. Failure to comply with the terms of EO 20-50 could result in permit suspension and potential loss of alcohol license.

Complaints/concerns about non-compliant businesses can be lodged in this form
and should include any and all details and evidence you may have available.