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About the Treasurer's Office

About the Treasurer's Office

The Treasurer is an elected position authorized by Article 6, Section 2 of the Indiana Constitution and serves a four (4) year term.  The primary duty of the Treasurer is that of tax collector.  In case of delinquent taxes, the sale of real property to pay for such delinquencies may be ordered by the Treasurer.  In addition to property taxes, this office also collects innkeeper’s tax, excise tax from license branches, and is responsible for keeping a record of current property owners' addresses, alcoholic beverage licenses, and mobile home moving or transfer of ownerships.  The specific duties of the Treasurer are defined in IC 36-2-10.

The County Treasurer is one of the five elected departmental officials you will find in each of Indiana's 92 counties. It is the job of the Treasurer to collect all property tax dollars from the property owners in the county. These dollars are monitored and invested by the Treasurer in addition to working closely with the County Auditor to distribute these funds to each of the entities which depends on these funds to operate. The funds collected by the Treasurer fund not only County Government but also local cities and towns (such as Muncie, Albany and Daleville), local townships (such as Center Twp. Or Salem Twp.), and School Systems which are the largest recipients of the property tax dollars next to the County Government.

These dollars fund the maintenance of roads, buildings, social services, law enforcement, the county courts, parks and recreation, and kindergarten through twelfth grade education and services.

The Delaware County Treasurer's Office has a staff of seven including the elected official. The office processes close to 70,000 parcels (pieces of property) worth of tax collection. In addition the collection of Innkeeper's Taxes.

The County Treasurer is also charged with the maintenance of property tax records open to the public for review.

In addition to collection of funds and the maintenance of the records of those collections, the Treasurer invests the money collected. These funds can be invested in local banks in Certificates of Deposit, Money Market Accounts etc. The investment is necessary due to the fact that the funds are technically collected twice each year and therefore need to be making money while they are held in accounts before being used to run the government. Investment of funds allows the county to keep the tax rate down and taxes lower for the taxpayer. In a time of good investment rates a government entity can keep from raising taxes if the income from investment is good.