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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Prosecuting Attorney Delaware County Prosecutor's Office   765-747-7801
Vacant Environment & Development Planner - GIS Specialist     765-747-7740
Pease, Heidi IDACS Coordinator Delaware County Emergency Communications  
Roberts, Mike A-EMT EMS  
Williams, Pat Paramedic EMS  
Abbott, Candy R Business Personal Property/Commerical Deputy Assessor 765-747-7715
Abrams, Ingrid Treasurer Cashier   765-747-7808 x 155
Adams, Steve Network Technician Information Technology   765-747-7738
Anderson, Emily Court Administrator Delaware County Court Administrator 765-747-7734 x 463
Arnold, Garnet Circuit Court 4 Clerk Court Filing Information 765-747-7857 x 453
Ashley, Mike Director, EMS EMS 765-747-7790
Bane, Jammie Administrator   765-747-7721 x 764
Beard, Heather R Engineering Department Inspector Engineering 765-747-7765 x 611
Benson, Jeffery Paramedic EMS  
Blankenship, Tracy Case Manager, Forensic Drug Court, CSAMS Community Corrections   765-747-7825 x 103
Bookout, Brad Director of Economic Development and Redevelopment Delaware County Economic Development and Redevelopment 765-808-1484
Borchers, Tom County Surveyor Surveyor 765-747-7806
Brown, Ginger     765-747-7801
Butterfield, Kathy Chief Deputy Treasurer's Office 765-747-7708 x 147
Campbell, Pamela Head Bookkeeper Clerk of the Courts 765-747-7726 x 225
Carmichael, James Assessor      
Carr, Lisa Investigator   765-747-7801
Carroll Jr., Edward E Auditor   765-747-7717 x 114
Chriswell, James Paramedic EMS  
Coutinho, John Executive Director, EMA Emergency Management 765-747-7719
Cox, Robert      
Craycraft, Lori   Family Support Division   765-747-7774
Crose, Lesa Community Service Work Crew Supervisor Community Corrections   765-747-7825 x 125
Cross, Eric Case Manager, Court Alcohol and Drug, CSAMS Community Corrections   765-747-7825 x 119
Crouse, Larry Paramedic EMS  
Cummings, Fred Director Delaware County Emergency Communications 765-747-7753
Dale, Jenny L Deputy Clerk Clerk of the Courts 765-747-7726 x 206
Daniel, Fred Demographics & Zoning Appeals Planner - GIS Specialist   765-747-7740
Daugherty, Robert Highway Foreman Highway Department 765-747-7818
DeLuca, Annette Purdue Extension Secretary Purdue Extension Delaware County   765-747-7732 x 270
Denton, Stephanie Assistant Registrar/Financial Officer   765-587-0657
Devine, Jennifer Juvenile Court Clerk Clerk of the Courts 765-747-7726 x 227
Dillard, Chrissy Deputy Clerk Clerk of the Courts 765-747-7726 x 224
Donati, Jason Stormwater Educator   765-213-6450
Dunsmore, Tonya Settlement Clerk Auditor 765-747-7717 x 128
Dye, Carrie Bookkeeping   765-747-7817 x 600
Edsall, Keeta Claims Deputy Auditor 765-747-7717 x 107
Eldridge, Linda Child Support Clerk Clerk of the Courts 765-747-7726 x 201
England, Marcus      
Evans, Ryan Court Alcohol and Drug Case Manager, CSAMS Community Corrections   765-747-7825 x 105
Evans, Sheri Case Manager, Court Alcohol and Drug, CSAMS Community Corrections   765-747-7825 x 106
Fisher, Mary Deputy Recorder Recorder 765-747-7804 x 210
Flanagan, Dan Councilman    
Flook, Jim Information Technology Director Information Technology 765-747-7738
Flowers, Rebecca Claims Clerk Auditor 765-747-7717 x 108
Staff 1-50 of 167