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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Ashley, Mike Deputy Director EMS 765-747-7790
Miller, Cathy   EMS  
Snyder, Leroy Paramedic EMS  
Michael, Greg Paramedic EMS  
Hahn, Aaron Paramedic EMS  
Williams, Pat Paramedic EMS  
Benson, Jeffery Paramedic EMS  
Boucher, Greg Paramedic EMS  
Chriswell, James Paramedic EMS  
Crouse, Larry Paramedic EMS  
Guise, Cheryl A-EMT EMS  
Jent, Steven Paramedic EMS  
Kirby, Jason Paramedic EMS  
Roberts, Mike A-EMT EMS  
Linder, Rob A-EMT EMS  
Mathews, Kurt Paramedic EMS  
McNeill, Rodney Paramedic EMS  
Privett, Amber Paramedic EMS  
Robinson, Kevin A-EMT EMS  
Swoboda, Rob A-EMT EMS  
Thomas, Kyle Paramedic EMS  
Tolle, Zachary A-EMT EMS  
Williams, Mike Paramedic EMS  
Rogers, Jason HSEMA/EMS Director Emergency Management 765-747-7719
Culberson, Kiely Paramedic EMS  
Scott, Richard Paramedic EMS 765-747-4888
Brown, Josh      
Coots, Stephen      
Cox, Robert      
England, Marcus      
Greenwell, James      
Harris, Jacob      
Imel, Kevin      
Isaacs, Wes      
Layton, Tim      
Leisure, Amanda M      
Lewis, Todd      
Owens, Craig      
Privett, Jeramie A      
Sanders, Tyler      
Sexton, Kylie      
Smith, Melanie      
Warfel, Jay      
Richardson, Blair      
Staff 1-44 of 44