Delaware County, Indiana

Discover Delaware County - an east central Indiana community of opportunity

GIS Map Services

 The following is the pricing schedule for printed maps and digital data from the Delaware County GIS Database.
These rates are set under the Delaware County Dedicated Electronic Map Fund Ordinance 1996-006

Copies of Published Maps
Currently Available published Maps:
Delaware County Map (28x36")
City of Muncie Street index Map *New Design* (28x36")
Delaware County incorporated Towns (28x36")
Delaware County Precincts (28x36")

$6.00 for a 28x36
on HP Premium Bright White Inkjet paper

Custom GIS Maps
Laser Printer
$3.00 Initial Charge
$1.00 Digital Orthophoto backdrop (optional)

$1.00 per sheet (8 1/2 x 11)
$1.00 per sheet (8 1/2 x 14)
$2.50 per sheet (11 x 17)
Large Format Printer (36" roll feed)
$5.00 Initial charge
$2.00 Photo of solid fill background (optional)

$1.00 per linear foot (Bright White Inkjet Paper)
$5.00 per linear foot (Film or Mylar- if available)


GIS Digital Data*
Initial Charge** $10.00
Hourly Rage** (to nearest 1/4 hr) $25.00
Electronic Map Fee $0.03 an acre per Information Layer
Media CD-R $3.00, DVD $10.00

Digital data is available in the following formats:
ArcView Shapefile (Vector Data)
MrSID compressed raster (imagery)

Static Adobe Acrobat .pdf maps**


*Digital GIS Data Pricing Schedule will be re-evaluated late 2006.

**Initial charge & hourly rate applies to digital GIS data and Digital Map product generation

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact Kyle Johnson.