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What if the Zoning Ordinance doesn't say I can build what I want to on my property - what should I do?


This depends on what you want to do with your property. If you have looked through the ordinance, and your preferred use is listed as a Special Use, you must apply for a "Special Use" permit. If the preferred use is not listed at all, you may need to apply for a "Variance" or a "Re-Zoning" of the property. Re-Zonings go through the "Metropolitan Plan Commission" and the "Board of County Commissioners" or the "City Council." In the case of "Variance" a hardship must be proved before the granting of the "Variance." Variances go through the "Board of Zoning Appeals." "Applications" & "Publication of Notice" is required for both procedures. NOTE: Check the "Calendar" page for the deadlines for applications and publications.