Delaware County, Indiana

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What is the area of Delaware County?
Delaware County land area is 393 square miles.
How can I find out what I am allowed to build on my property?
If you know the zone that it is located in, you can refer to the City of Muncie Zoning Ordinance, or Delaware County Zoning Ordinance, depending upon where you live. From there, select which zone your property is in and select Permitted Uses. If you do not know which zone your property is located in, the Plan Commission can get that information for you.
If I live in the City of Muncie - do I come to the County Plan Commission for planning information?
Yes, the Plan Commission has jurisdiction over both the Unincorporated areas of Delaware Counts as well as the City of Muncie. The City of Muncie and Delaware County have separate Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances, but the Metropolitan Plan Commission has jurisdiction over both. The Plan Commission does NOT have jurisdiction over other incorporated towns in Delaware County including: Eaton, Gaston, Albany, Yorktown, Selma, & Daleville
Results 1-3 of 3