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What are the populations of Muncie and Delaware County?
Delaware County population: 118,769 (2000 census), Muncie Population: 67,430 (2000 census.)
What if the Zoning Ordinance doesn't say I can build what I want to on my property - what should I do?
This depends on what you want to do with your property. If you have looked through the ordinance, and your preferred use is listed as a Special Use, you must apply for a "Special Use" permit. If the preferred use is not listed at all, you may need to apply for a "Variance" or a "Re-Zoning" of the property. Re-Zonings go through the "Metropolitan Plan Commission" and the "Board of County Commissioners" or the "City Council." In the case of "Variance" a hardship must be proved before the granting of the "Variance." Variances go through the "Board of Zoning Appeals." "Applications" & "Publication of Notice" is required for both procedures. NOTE: Check the "Calendar" page for the deadlines for applications and publications.
Can I get maps and aerial photographs printed?
Yes. The plan commission can print out maps with or without aerial photographs as the background.
Who should I talk to for specific questions, such as transportation, zoning, or other planning related topics?
The Plan Commission employs nine full time staff who are responsible for different areas. They have expertise in their specific area and will be happy to answer questions. We can be reached at 765-747-7740.
Who makes decisions regarding rezonings, variances, and special uses?
Rezonings involve the plan commission and the Board of County Commissioners (if dealing with unincorporated areas of the county) or City Council (if dealing within Muncie corporate limits). After the applications and publication of notice have been filed, the individual case is heard at the Metropolitan Plan Commission meeting, which takes place once a month. At that time, the plan commission will either recommend or not recommend the rezoning to the Board of County Commissioners. It is the Board of County Commissioners which as final say over rezonings. Variances involve the Board of Zoning Appeals. Once again, after proper filing of application and publication of notice, the case is heard at the monthly BZA meeting. At that time the BZA will make a finding on the variance request and will either grant or reject the request. The BZA has final say over variances. Special Use Permits involve both the Board of Zoning Appeals and the Metropolitan Plan Commission. The case is presented at the MPC monthly meeting. At that time the commission will make recommendations to the Board of Zoning Appeals. Final action is taken by the BZA on special use permit matters.
Results 1-5 of 5