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Conduct of Meetings & Hearings


All meetings of the Commission shall be conducted with unswerving fairness both to the proponents and the opponents under the following guidelines:

1. Any person may appear in person or by representative to participate in a discussion of an item before the Commission or to present evidence. The Commission shall accept evidence on any matter which is non-repetitive and relevant in nature.

2. The President may impose reasonable limits upon the time for consideration of any item upon the Commission agenda or upon the presentation by any individual so that adequate time is afforded to opponents and proponents of any item before the Commission.

3. To maintain orderly procedure, each side should proceed without interruption by the other side. Every person appearing before te Commission shall abide by the orders and directions of the President. Discourteous, disorderly, or contemptuous conduct shall be regarded as a breach of conduct and shall be dealt with as the Commission directs, including expulsion from the public hearing if necessary to maintain orderly procedure.

4. Comments and questions from Commission members may be interjected at any time during a presentation for clarification of subject matter. In the presentation of a case, the burden shall be upon the applicant to supply all information necessary for a clear understanding of the matter.

5. Nothing shall prevent the Commission from continuing a public hearing if, in its opinion, such continuance is reasonably necessary for the submission of additional evidence, testimony, and/or deliberation regarding a matter before the Commission.

6. Anyone wishing to present information to the members before a hearing may forward it to the Plan Commission Office at least three (3) days prior to the meeting and the staff shall mail such information to the members.


The public hearing on an individual item shall be conducted in the following manner:

1. The President shall read a preliminary statement on the details of the case including the location and the current and proposed zones from the Agenda.

2. The President shall call in the proponent for total presentation of the case and then solicit supporting arguments and comments from organized groups, committees and individuals regarding the merits of the case. It is suggested that this portion of the hearing be limited to twenty minutes.

3. The President shall call in opponents to the case who shall have adequate time for their presentation. In the event of a large number of opponents, the President may ask for the group to speak through a limited number of spokespersons. It is suggested that this portion of the hearing be limited to twenty minutes.

4. Both sides shall be permitted one rebuttal. It is suggested that each rebuttal be limited to five minutes. After the rebuttals, the Commission may call upon and/or recognized individuals if needed for purposes of clarification.

5. Upon conclusion of the questioning, the President shall close the hearing and call for a motion.