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In response to an ever-changing technology landscape in local government, and the fundamental effect that the pandemic has had on local government operations, the Delaware County Office of Information and GIS Services (Formerly the GIS Department) is working to adapt to these changes in order to provide the most valuable services to local government and the public. Data accessibility and information sharing are the priority as well as helping to make government more transparent to our citizens.

Below are some of the services that we can help departments and agencies provide to meet these goals. If you have a project, program or service that could benefit from our assistance, please contact us for more information.

GIS-Mapping Services

  • Custom map preparation (printed or digital (pdf, etc)
  • GIS analysis, geocoding of addresses or properties
  • Custom web-based (desktop and mobile) map application development for specific departmental/agency projects or on-going needs.
  • Data online hosting (GIS/tabular)
  • Field data collection applications and training for staff (GeoForm)

County Website (E-Gov)

  • Assistance with setting up departmental users and training
  • Assistance setting up additional departmental pages and content
  • Creating Action Center (web forms) Items, integrating into departmental workflows
  • Media Assistance: Graphic Design & Images
  • Assistance posting agendas and minutes
  • Document preparation and posting

Social Media

  • Press releases
  • Assistance with posting important notices, releases,  documents and information to the public.
  • Help promote departmental programs
  • Share posts from other Departmental/Agency Pages to County Pages
    • cross-posting to different platforms as appropriate (Twitter, Instagram, etc)

Graphic Design, Large Format Printing.

  • Poster, signage design
  • Misc. Graphic Design
  • Photography
    • Event (press releases, etc)
    • Projects
  • Video
    • Event Video
    • Instructional videos
    • Promotional videos for programs or services