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Tornadoes are violent rotating cylinders of air that can reach speeds in excess of 300 mph, be more than a mile wide, and cover up to around 50 miles during their short path of destruction. Tornadoes can cause millions of dollars worth of damage and rip buildings off their foundations leaving only debris in their wake. They can appear suddenly and with little warning.
Tornado Watch: Conditions are right to have a tornado. Maintain a close look out for changes in the sky and stay tuned to local weather stations.

Tornado Warning: This means there is an actual tornado reported or radar indicates one could develop within a few minutes. Seek shelter quickly.

During a Tornado:

  • Basements, inner rooms of a house, and storm sellars provide the best protection.
  • Stay away from exterior walls, windows, and doors. Stay in the center of the room.
  • If you are in your car do NOT try and outrun the tornado because it can switch direction and can cover lots of ground quickly.
  • Get out of vehicle and go into a strong building if possible. If not, lie flat in a ditch or low area and cover your head.
  • Do NOT go under overpasses, wind speeds actually increase under them and can suck you out!
  • If you live in a mobile home, get out IMMEDIATELY. Take shelter in a building with a strong foundation.
  • Listen to radio or watch TV so you can be alerted about your current situation.