Delaware County, Indiana

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Effective 8/1/2011
Network Information
The Cardinal Care is the Preferred Provider Network (PPO). Remember, you must utilize PPO providers for all healthcare needs in order to receive the greatest discounts and lowest out of pocket cost.
Participants will contact Med-Cert, Inc. for precertification of certain medical services at 800-356-7126. Precertification requirements and recommendations will be included on your medical ID card. Failure to precertify may result in a reduction of benefits. It is ultimately the patient's responsiblity to ensure that precertification has occurred.
The pharmacy network for prescription drugs will be CVS/Caremark. Drug plan copayments at participating retail pharmacies are as follows:
  • Generic - $10 copay
  • Preferred Brand - $35 copay
  • Non-Preferred Brand - $50 copay
Most pharmacies in your area are members of the CVS/Caremark Network; you are not limited to only utilitzing CVS pharmacies.
VSP will be the new vision administrator. You will contact VSP directly for verification of benefits and to locate a vision provider. As the nation's larget vision network, Delaware County health plan members will have access to many vision providers in the area.