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Delaware County Economic Development and Redevelopment



Mission Statement:  The Delaware County Department of Economic Development and Redevelopment works to promote capital investment, job creation and quality of life projects in Delaware County. 

Serving under the Delaware County Commissioners, staff works to assist with projects in the County with focus on two areas.


  1. Economic Development

Retention and expansion of existing businesses and attraction of new businesses. 

Annually staff calls on all major employers in Delaware County and works leads for new business attraction.  Economic Development staff can provide technical assistance to private entities and businesses and assist with project coordination.  Special areas that staff can assist businesses with include the following:

 Road, sewer, water, infrastructure development.

  1. Project planning and financing.
  2. Locating buildings/property or expanding an existing facility.
  3. Connections to local, state and federal agencies for assistance.
  4. Introductions to partner agencies who can provide business planning assistance.
  5. Introductions to partner agencies who can provide work force training and recruitment.
  6. Introductions to zoning and permitting staff.
  7. Applications for tax abatement.
  8. EDIT, TIF or CREED project assistance.


  1. Redevelopment

Serving at the direction of the Delaware County Redevelopment Commission, staff assists in the identification of areas in need of development and redevelopment.  Staff also coordinates the administration of the County’s tax increment financing districts and industrial development districts.  Special areas that staff assists with include: 

  1. Acquisition of properties/parcels for redevelopment.
  2. Utility and infrastructure expansion and development.
  3. Brownfield assessments and clean-ups.
  4. Incentives to promote capital investment and job creation.
  5. Assistance with the development of roads, sewer, water, shell buildings and rail access.
  6. Implementation of projects to improve local quality of life and community betterment.


Special Areas of Interest: 

With a renewed focus on creating an economic development model for the 21st century, Delaware County Economic Development and Redevelopment have identified the following areas as important for continued growth: 

  1. Assisting businesses with a long-standing history of being committed to calling Delaware County home.
  2. Assisting businesses and private industry in the small towns and rural areas of the County.
  3. Promotion of existing assets and projects that define a place.
  4. Creating amenities that are considered regional attractors.
  5. Connecting resources from County, City, Town, State, Federal, Private for project assistance.
  6. Getting tax delinquent properties back on the tax rolls. 

If you have interest in learning more about assistance with a current or planned project, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Brad Bookout

Director of Economic Development and Redevelopment

Delaware County, Indiana, USA

1208 W. White River Blvd.

Muncie, Indiana 47303

Phone: 765-808-1484