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Learn about GIS technology

November 16th is G.I.S. Day. 

Take a minute to learn about how GIS technology has become a part of everyday life:

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From the Geospatial Revolution:
We live in the Global Location Age. "Where am I?" is being replaced by, "Where am I in relation to everything else?"
The Geospatial Revolution Project is an integrated public service media and outreach initiative about the world of digital mapping and how it is changing the way we think, behave, and interact.

The mission of the Geospatial Revolution Project is to expand public knowledge about the history, applications, related privacy and legal issues, and the potential future of location-based technologies.

Geospatial information influences nearly everything. Seamless layers of satellites, surveillance, and location-based technologies create a worldwide geographic knowledge base vital to solving myriad social and environmental problems in the interconnected global community.