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Traffic Infraction Deferral Program

Traffic Infraction Deferral Program Form

STOP - Do not pay your citation if you are interested in the Traffic Infraction Deferral Program.

If you have received a ticket, you MAY be eligible for the Delaware County Prosecutor's Office Infraction Deferral Program.  If eligible for this program, your ticket may be deferred and dismissed after 6 months.

The cost of the program is $192.50 ($110.00 - Deferred Prosecution Cost / $82.50 - Court Costs). DO NOT SUBMIT ANY MONEY UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED A CONTRACT PACKET WITH INSTRUCTIONS.  

If interested in this program, please see the information provided and submit the information requested below.

Preliminary Questions

Are you currently in a deferral program?

Do you have any criminal charges pending?

Do you carry a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) in the state you are licensed in?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you DO NOT QUALIFY FOR THE DEFERRAL PROGRAM.

If you answered NO to those 3 questions, you MAY qualify for the deferred prosecution program for your infraction ticket.  In order to further determine your eligibility for this program, you must provide information to the Delaware County Prosecutor's Office.

Please provide the following information:




Contact information (including phone #, fax #, email address and mailing address)

Driver's License # & state of issuance

Type of infraction

Cause # & Court date

This information should be faxed or emailed to:

Rhonda Foster


Fax: (765) 747-7830