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Environmental Public Health Division

Environmental health is defined as "the discipline that focuses on the health interrelationships between people and their environment, promotes human health and well-being, and fosters a safe and healthful environment."
The Environmental Health Program is responsible for the following enforcement and service areas listed below.
  1. Animal bite reports and rabies control;
  2. Hazardous material spill response;
  3. Housing Inspection for possible lead contamination;
  4. On-site sewage systems;
  5. Public and Semi-public recreational water systems;
  6. Tattoo & Body piercing parlor inspection;
  7. Trash hauler inspection program;
  8. Inspections for unfit housing;
  9. Vector control-mosquito control; and
  10. Water well inspection, testing, and permits.

Fees and permits:

Onsite Sewage Systems:
New or Replacement Onsite Permit Application- $180.00
New or Replacement Onsite Permit- $70.00
Repair Permit Application- $70.00
Repair Permit- $70.00 
Multiple Final Inspection- $70.00
Violation Re-inspection Fee- $70.00
Permit Application- $180.00
Onsite Permit- $70.00
Multiple Final Inspection- $70.00
Violation Re-inspection Fee- $70.00
Installer Registration- $35.00
Water Well Program
Permit to Drill New or Replacement Well- $100.00
Well Repair Permit- $100.00
Tattoo and Piercing Permits
Tattoo Artist Permit- $75.00
Late Fee- $50.00
Tattoo Establishment Permit- $300.00
Late Fee- $100.00
Public and Semi-Public Swimming Pool
Plan and Review- $500.00
Operation Permit- $200.00
Seasonal Permit- $150.00
Trash Hauling Ordinance
Primary Truck- $70.00  
Secondary- $35.00
The Food Safety Program enforces the state and local codes regulating the food service industry in Delaware County.  This applies to year round retail food establishments, as well as, temporary facilities, vending and farmers markets. Enforcement and service areas are listed below:
1. Construction consultations;
2. Plan and review;
3. Complaint investigation;
4. Food sample collection;
5. Educational presentations; and
6. Food borne illness investigations.
Annual Food Permits
Food Establishment Plan and Review- $180.00
Food Establishment (based on square footage)
  • 0000-999 sq. ft.- $150.00
  • 1000-1999 sq. ft.- $215.00
  • 2000-2999 sq.ft.- $280.00
  • 3000-4999 sq. ft.- $360.00
  • 5000+ sq. ft.- $430.00
Temporary Food Establishment (per event, 1 to 14 days)- $70.00
Seasonal Temporary Food Establishment- $215.00
Mobile Food Establishment- $140.00
Commissary- $100.00
Bed and Breakfast- $215.00
Food Service Event Registration- $35.00
Catering- $140.00
Farmer's Market- $70.00
Vending Machine (each)- $15.00
Violation Repat Inspection- $70.00
Late Fee- $100.00
Brodie Cook- Environmental Health Specialist:  Meth Labs, Pools, Complaints
Terry Troxell- Environmental Health Specialist:  Food
Jeremy Pettigrew- Environmental Health Specialist:  Tattoos, Complaints
Mary Whaley- Environmental Health Specialist:  Food, Pools
Jeff Turner- Environmental Health Specialist:  OSS, Complaints, Wells
Tamara White- Environmental Health Specialist:  Food